Advice on child-proofing your home this winter

Thu.12.Jan.2012 - 14:00 GMT

A parent’s number one concern will always be their children’s health and safety and most parents will do whatever they can to keep their kids safe.

But while parents are always on the lookout for hidden dangers and obstacles out in the big wide world, how many of us have recently taken a look around our homes to see what dangers are right in front of us?

From exposed plug sockets, to cupboards that don’t have safety catches, to heavy furniture that little hands could easily pull down, the dangers are everywhere.

One of the biggest concerns in British homes when it comes to children’s safety are staircases, which can present plenty of opportunities for young inquisitive minds to get into dangerous situations.

If you’ve never checked your staircase to make sure it’s child-proof, and don’t know how to do a home safety audit for your family then log on to our Web TV show where TV presenter Catherine Gee alongside Tony Jones from Richard Burbidge will share their top tips for making your home as safe as it can be.

Catherine Gee and Tony Jones joins us live online on Thursday 12th January at 14:00.