An ex-paw-se on our favourite furry friends

Mon.04.Mar.2013 - 16:00 GMT

Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows just how intriguingly mysterious these creatures can be, particularly when it comes to their habits and rituals.

Two thirds of people form opinions of people by the way they react to their feline friend, showing the value we place on our cat’s judgment. A quarter of owner’s sign their cat’s name in greetings cards showing just how much we value our cats as part of the family.

Cats are naturally one of the most playful species on the planet and owners enjoy giving them the care and attention they need by helping to keep them stimulated, so much so that a fifth of us have bought our cats special play areas.

So, with more than 10 million cats in the UK, what is it about them we find so captivating? What are some of the most important things to remember when looking after cats? Are there any similarities between our domestic cat and big cats?

Log onto our live show where Simon King, presenter of Big Cat Diary and Sandra McCune, a cat behaviourist, will be on hand to answer all your questions and will be discussing a new report by Whiskas explores the parallels between domestic cats and their big cat counterparts in the wild.

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