Could your office be making you unwell?

Mon.07.Oct.2013 BST

The pressures of modern day office life aren’t lost on most of us yet, research set to be released this week will shine a light on the very simple things that we could be doing to help ourselves more than we currently are.

We’ve joined up with distinguished Professor of Organisational Psychology at Lancaster University, Professor Cary Cooper to help you work through the pressures of your working day.

Professor Cooper is the author of over 120 books on industrial and organisational psychology, occupational stress and women at work and has written over 100 chapters in books as well as more than 400 scholarly articles for academic journals. Named in the top 5 most influential thinkers in HR in 2012 he is the person to talk to if you’re keen to get more from your time at your desk.

Professor Cooper joins us to help you solve some of your daily working dilemmas. So, if any of the following apply to you, tune in.

  • If you’ve ever written a long ‘to-do’ list at the start of your working day and only ticked two items by the end of it
  • If you’ve ever lost important documents amongst the piles of work on your desk
  • If you’re constantly feeling the pressure to perform but can’t see the wood for the trees
  • If prioritising your workload and mess on your desk seems like one chore too many
  • If you’ve ever fallen out with a colleague or been reprimanded by your boss for your lack of organisation and resulting clutter on your desk