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Fed up with your service providers?

Wed.26.Aug.2009 - 14:00 BST

Do you feel your service providers treat you with respect? Is your insurance company or bank looking after the bottom line at your expense rather than looking after you? New research shows that Brits who feel there is more ‘give’ than ‘take’ are starting to vote with their feet.

In times when the methods of certain institutions have jeopardised our economic well-being, it is important to revalue relationships with such companies to ensure that they are based not only on history but also security, trust and respect.

In the last year, nearly 14 million UK adults (13.73m) have either changed or considered changing their bank or utility provider – many seeking a renewed sense of trust. It seems more of us are starting to break free from the traditional ‘stay-put’ culture and are really using our consumer powers to make informed choices in order to find companies who are better suited to our personal needs.

So how can we make these informed and active choices? And what should we be looking out for when it comes to choosing a good bank, health insurance or utilities provider? Our live and interactive WebTV show will look at different options in the changing economic climate and advises how to choose a company that reflect our own values and concerns. Joining us are social commentator Mal Fletcher and Mark Bell of Benenden Healthcare Society.

Mal Fletcher and Mark Bell join us live online to discuss consumer options in the current economic climate

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