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Finding easy ways to go green around the house

Fri.12.Mar.2010 - 14:30 GMT

Most of us understand the importance of being green, either because it’s bad for the environment or simply to save money. But with so many aspects of our life that can be improved by living greener, many of us don’t know where to start.

Do you know how much energy your house churns through in a week? Is turning electronics like the television or computer on standby enough to cut down our energy consumption? Should we be replacing our electronics with greener versions, even if it cuts down on the quality of our experience? And how exactly do you understand in real terms the energy-efficiency sticker on an appliance?

Whether you’re someone who claims to be green and wants to know more, or are a carbon-neutral newcomer and want to get started, there are answers to all the above questions and more. This live webTV show features energy expert Dr Paula Owen from Energy Saving Trust and Gary King from Bosch who will give their top tips on living an environmentally-friendly existence without sacrificing on our enjoyment of technology

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