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Fri.06.Jan.2012 GMT

The resorts of Spain have once again topped the list of the UK’s most searched for travel destinations, just ahead of New York, while Estonia and Iraq were the fastest rising searched for destinations in 2011.

That’s according to a new travel trends report from travel search site Skyscanner, which details the most searched for destinations on their website in 2011 and predicts the hottest travel spots in 2012.

Some of the picks for 2012 include the Cape Verde Islands – which have opened to tourism over the last five years thanks to an increase in hotels as well as charter flights and package holidays. The Islands ranked third on the list of emerging destinations in 2011, proving there is now a strong winter sun rival to the Canaries in the mid-haul market from the UK.

And if you want to take ‘alternative’ to a whole new level then, while starting from a low-baseline, the emerging travel industry in Iraq has begun to proactively market the country with regular flights now flying from Europe.

For those with a more traditional outlook on their holiday destinations, Spain is still the no.1 destination for British travellers, leading the list of country searches and with four of the top five city & resort searches.

While Spain’s enduring popularity may offer few surprises, it is the emerging nations highlighted in the Destinations Of The Future section that offer a window on how travel from the UK may look in 2012.

Estonia, boosted by Riga’s status as the current joint European Capital of Culture and the fact it remains a relatively undiscovered Baltic country, is the no.1 rising destination with a search increase of 89.8%, followed by Iraq at 75.4%.

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