Here's One I Saved Earlier

Thu.29.Jan.2009 GMT

Do you find yourself keeping generic gifts in the cupboard for use in emergencies? Well you are certainly not alone!

According to a new survey by 3V Visa Internet Shopping Gift Cards, four in ten of us have the foresight to keep presents in reserve for when they've forgotten an occasion or need a gift at short notice. A third of people say they look out all year round for hints about what presents they can buy for people.

But while these reserve gifts may save the giver some embarrassment - they may not always go down so well with the receiver. Just under half of us admit to recycling unwanted gifts and 20% of us have sold unwanted gifts to gain some of their monetary value.

While most of us would love to be given a wish list from our nearest and dearest to help us with present choices, we don't always get one. The obvious solution if we really get stuck is to buy the omni-purpose gift of gift cards - that way we're assured the receiver can get something they really want. With a whopping 64% of us intending to avoid crowded shops and freezing temperatures by shopping on the internet during the festive and New Year sales - online gift cards are proving an increasingly popular present choice this season.

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