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How easy is it to have my ID stolen?

Wed.03.Oct.2012 BST

Online identity fraud has become the crime of the century, with horror stories making the news regularly. Experian CreditExpert reveals that nearly 20 million pieces of personal information were traded online illegally by internet fraudsters in the first six months of the year.

The study looked at a number of the most basic mistakes that lead to online identity fraud and asked respondents how many they do without thinking on a daily basis. It shows only half of us are concerned about our details being stolen, with millions more committing basic errors every day which play directly into the hands of opportunistic digital criminals.

The research has been released to coincide with a one-off experiment for Identity Fraud Prevention Week conducted in London on Experian’s behalf to promote the importance of simple online safety steps. This saw one internet user volunteer to be confined to a shop window front for five days with only a laptop and credit card and tasks of sourcing everything they needed online. During this time, they agreed to be watched over by our secret security expert to reveal just when their details were put at risk.

So what were the results? Watch our video now to see how Steve Keywood fared and get some invaluable tips from a hacker too.

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