How to become a DIY travel agent

Tue.05.Apr.2011 - 13:45 BST

How do you normally go about booking a holiday? Do you have your travel agent on speed dial, or do you spend hours yourself online researching the best deals?

With so many options and so many price comparison sites on the internet, booking your holiday can soon go from being one click away to information overload.

And while doing it yourself may save you a few bob here and there, do you run the risk of missing out on the overall experience?

Singing superstar Jamelia and family travel expert Emily Kaufman have travelled the world and as mums know how time consuming it can be to try and plan a family holiday.

In the following Web TV show, Jamelia and Emily discuss their own holiday experiences and answer your questions live online, as well as offering tips on finding the perfect holiday for the right price, without hours of research.

Jamelia and Emily Kaufman, the U.S. Travel Mom join us live online to discuss travel planning.

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