How to use your competitive nature to your advantage - especially if you're in training for a big event this year

Wed.04.Apr.2012 BST
How to use your competitive nature to your adva...
RECORDED ON Wed.04.Apr.2012 BST

With the nation set to be gripped by sport in 2012, a new study has been conducted to find out just how competitive regular Brits are, not just on the sports fields of the UK but in everyday life and to determine whether our competitive spirit will reach fever pitch as the country becomes even more obsessed with sport as the year goes on.

The study found that more than 40% of us already rate ourselves as competitive by nature with almost a third of us saying we are highly competitive. One in ten Brits believe they’ll get even more competitive as this year unfolds, with almost 30% of people aged 16-34 saying they will be inspired to compete hard in sport and life as a result of the big sporting year ahead.

So where are we likely to up our competiveness? Well, according to the poll one in five of us already race people to the checkout and more than one in ten when walking or running up stairs at work.

The research commissioned by ACUVUE®, found that close to a fifth of people are constantly racing themselves at the gym to beat previous best times, while over a third of people admit when they’re running outside and see someone in the distance, they deliberately try to catch up and overtake them. When running, a third of those surveyed admitted to choosing clothing and footwear to help them run faster and almost 1 in 10 wear contact lenses instead of glasses to help increase their performance.

Jenni Falconer is already getting into the competitive spirit, having signed up for the London Marathon which she has less than a month left to prepare for.

Almost one in five people surveyed say getting the best time possible is the most important thing about competing in a marathon – so does Jenni agree?

She joins us now to answer that question and to reveal the nation’s most competitive cities and regions, how much we hate to lose on the sports field, in the gym, in traffic and even at work and to talk about how to use our competitive nature to get ahead in sport and in life.

She’s joined by Gavin Rebello, a sports vision expert who will give advice on improving performance if you’re thinking of using your competitive nature to achieve a sporting goal in 2012.