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International flavour for home cooking

Fri.03.Mar.2006 - 13:30 GMT

International cuisine is having an astonishing impact on the dishes mums teach their children to cook, according to research from Sainsbury’s.

Some of our favourite recipes to rustle up as adults are dishes that have been passed down through the ages from one family member to another. Although many of us enjoyed learning how to prepare traditional roast dinners as part of our childhood, it seems that Britain's broadening culinary influences are having a knock-on effect on the recipes we’re teaching our children.

But what else are we teaching our children in the kitchen? Do we still see the time-honoured skills of peeling vegetables and boiling an egg important? Has the introduction of the microwave been a positive thing for parents who lead busy lifestyles but still want to involve their children in the cooking process?

Mother and psychologist, Anjula Mutanda joins us live online on Friday 3rd March to reveal the survey results. She’ll also be telling us what role her children play in the cooking process in her home and giving busy parents tips on how to teach their kids good nutrition.