What exactly is clearing? Part 1

Thu.09.Aug.2012 BST

Tens of thousands of students sit there nervously anticipating their A-Level results, worried that they may not get the results they need to get into the University of their choice.

So how worried are you? Are you wondering what will happen if you don’t get the needed and desired grades? Do you know what you can do if you don’t get on the course you wanted to or if you don’t get your first choice University?

Even if A-Level results don’t bring the news you are after, there are always other options, so the main thing is not to panic.

One such option is clearing, but with many students finding the system a struggle to get to grips with, it can pose problems of its own.

Watch our video to find out all you need to know if things don’t go as planned and you find yourself facing the clearing process.