Italy, the new property hotspot?

Wed.20.Feb.2008 - 12:45 GMT

Italian property lawyer Massimo Migliorini tells all about property investments in Italy

Are you interested in overseas property investments? Are you confused about how to go about arranging the finer details or worried that you’ll struggle with the language barrier? If so you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve got Italian property lawyer Massimo Migliorini in the studio to tell you all you need to know about buying your very own Mediterranean retreat or even starting a new life abroad.

Italy is now the number one place that us Brits want to move to, and it’s hardly surprising considering the culture, cuisine and beautiful fashion and design it has to offer. One enticing financial bonus of buying in Italy is that inheritance tax is non-existent making it the ultimate place to buy a nest egg for your children.

Massimo will also be telling us all about the best way to find out about everything the Italian property market has to offer without having to root out your passport. La Dolce Vita with Viva Italia festival comes to London on the 13th-16th of March and is a must-visit for anyone interested in overseas property investments. The event will be celebrating all aspects of Italian lifestyle and culture but will specifically offer you exclusive insight into buying a property abroad. Agencies, developers, architects restoration experts and lawyers will all be on hand to guide you through the Italian property process from start to finish. And you can even bid for your very own Tuscan Farmhouse restored by renowned architect Giorgetto Giugiaro.

If you’ve always envied the sweet life why not tune in to our webchat and submit some questions for Massimo. He’ll be using all his legal expertise to help you make your Mediterranean dreams come true and no doubt he’ll be able to recommend one or two property hotspots that simply cannot be missed.

Italian lawyer Massimo Migliorini joins us live on Wednesday 20th Feb at 12:45pm to discuss the Mediterranean lifestyle

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