Keep your health kick going strong

Mon.28.Jan.2008 - 9:30 GMT

Strictly Come Dancing star Kenny Logan & nutritionist Dr Carrie Ruxton offer their advice on eating a healthy, balanced diet.

Have you started a January health kick? Are you struggling to keep it going? Or have you completely fallen off the wagon? If so don’t despair because help is at hand. Strictly Come Dancing star and former Scottish rugby international Kenny Logan will be in the studio to talk about how he kept up with the professional dancers by staying fit and healthy. We also have leading nutritionist Dr Carrie Ruxton who will also offer her professional advice on what you need to be eating for a healthy diet.

There are so many mixed messages in the media today, it’s difficult to know what you should and shouldn’t eat. One of the most current dietary debates is whether or not to include red meat in your diet. Kenny is currently leading The Feel Good About Meat campaign launched by Quality Meat Scotland and has lots of information on how much red meat you should include in your diet and how he used it in his training menu to make himself such a successful sportsman.

So if you want some advice to see you through a dip in your diet, why not come along and submit a question to our special guests?

Strictly Come Dancing star and former Scottish rugby internationalist Kenny Logan and leading nutritionist Dr Carrie Ruxton join us live on Monday 28th January at 9:30 to discuss healthy eating.