Learn how to alleviate the symptoms of Eczema

Mon.20.Sep.2010 BST
Learn how to alleviate the symptoms of Eczema
RECORDED ON Mon.20.Sep.2010 BST

It might be seen by many as just a skin condition, but the start of National Eczema Week has highlighted the fact that the condition is hugely affecting more and more British children and adults each year.

Around 12% of adults suffer from the condition, but it’s an even bigger issue for children, with up to 20% of them affected by eczema. And numbers suffering from it are on the increase, with 25% of babies in the UK now showing signs of eczema, with 160,000 infants diagnosed each year with the skin condition.

Eczema is an itchy inflammation of the skin that can affect any part of the body and start at any age and comes in many forms. For many, it is a form of allergy that can lead to constant pain and discomfort.

Listen to our podcast where skin care specialist Dr Steve Hewitt and Margaret Cox the Chief Executive of the National Eczema Society join with E45 to give you the best treatment advice and tips on how to alleviate your symptoms.

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