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Simple Valentine's day salmon recipe by Lisa Faulkner

Tue.04.Feb.2014 GMT

Watch our video from the former Celebrity MasterChef winner on how to cook a simple yet delicious meal for ‘someone lovely’ this Valentine’s Day. 

It’s a day that can often get overshadowed by the stress of planning the perfect date. Restaurants can be hard to book and inevitably will be crammed full of other couples and nobody really wants a picnic in the park in mid-February. When it comes to Romance, sometimes it’s better to keep things simple.

This year, why not spend some quality time together over a bottle of wine and a deliciously cooked meal at home? Lisa Faulkner has teamed up with Kikkoman soy sauce to create the perfect dish for a romantic night in. This simple to prepare recipe combines fresh salmon fillets, Kikkoman soy sauce and ginger. Not only is it a healthy dinner, the creative combination of ingredients really gives the dish that ‘something special’.

Watch our video for tips from Lisa and a step by step guide to this fantastic recipe.