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Make some time for victims of crime

Wed.23.Feb.2005 - 14:00 GMT
Make some time for victims of crime
AIRED ON Wed.23.Feb.2005 - 14:00 GMT

Victim Support already offers free and confidential information and support to one-and three-quarter million people every year … and it wants to reach out to more. But to do that, it needs more money – and that's where the Sunrise Appeal comes in.

To mark the launch of The Sunrise Appeal, Victim Support, the national charity for victims of crime is urging people to help by giving up 60 minutes to ‘make some time for victims of crime' in fundraising activities during the week beginning 25 April.

We were joined for a live webchat on Wednesday 23 February by Paul Fawcett from Victim Support who told us more about the appeal and life coach Heather Waring who gave advice on how to make the most of the hours in our day and hopefully help those in need of support at the same time.