Quentin Willson explains what the new EU tyre labelling legislation means for motorists

Wed.31.Oct.2012 - 15:00 GMT

From 1st November a new Europe-wide tyre labelling system will come into effect.

Similar to the labels used on white goods, the tyre labelling system will give tyres an energy efficiency rating of A to G, and more importantly for cash-strapped motorists will allow them to judge the fuel efficiency of the tyre making it easier for them to reduce fuel consumption dependent on the tyre they choose.

The labels will also take into account wet grip and external rolling noise, the legislation is being brought in to help make driving cost effective, increase road safety and reduce the environmental impact caused by tyres.

However, while tyre labeling is a good starting point, experts believe the label won't tell drivers everything they need to know. The label tests and grades three criteria, most magazines test around 15 performance characteristics but the tyre manufacturers themselves test over 50 parameters.

To coincide with the new legislation, a new study by Goodyear asked drivers about their view on tyre purchasing, with the results showing that many motorists are unsure about what to look for.

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Quintin Willson joins Kate Rock from Goodyear and Paul Berrington, Tyre Labelling Expert from HiQ  online on 31st October at 3pm to discuss what the change in the law means for car drivers.

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