Skiing myth-busting clinic

Thu.08.Nov.2012 - 14:00 GMT

Whether you are a seasoned skier or have never strapped on a pair of skis in your life, going skiing, with friends or family, or even on your own makes for an active and enjoyable holiday. There is quite simply nothing better than slipping over perfect white snow, past beautiful mountains and enjoying a roaring fire and Glühwein at the end of an exhilarating day.

However, although most people like the idea of skiing, there are many myths associated with the sport, such as the expense, the time of year you should go and where to actually go.

24 years ago, Michael Edwards put British skiing on the international map when he took on the world’s best ski jumpers at the Calgary Winter Olympics. But the man who became known as Eddie the Eagle the world-over and was transformed into an overnight superstar, wasn’t known for his skill on the slopes but rather for his lack of... Eddie finished last in both the 70m and 90m ski jump, but captured the hearts of sports fans around the world for his ‘give it a go’ attitude.

In truth, Eddie was and still is a highly proficient skier and this year he’s on a mission to help Brits overcome their misconceptions of skiing – whether it’s a worry of falling over, looking silly or even spending too much money on a skiing holiday. So if you are confused about any of the myths about skiing then log onto our live and interactive webTV where Eddie the Eagle is joined by Vicky Norman from the Ski Club of Great Britain and Holger Gassler from the Tirol Tourist Board where they will tell you everything you need to know.