Sue Perkins' advice for a financial life less complicated in 2012

Thu.02.Feb.2012 GMT

The start of the new year brings a list of resolutions and hopeful promises for the year ahead. However, Sue Perkins knows that for many of us this list will be much harder to fulfil than we think.

Why, you may ask? Well, for most of us, the complications of life simply get in the way of all those make more money, save more money, manage your finances and stop spending money on things we don’t really want or need resolutions.

But what if you could get rid of all these complications? How much simpler would your life be if you could get your money issues under control this year?

Well, according to new research released by Admiral MultiCar more than half of us believe our lives are too complicated, with money, work-life balance and family issues the biggest source of complication.

So what would Sue recommend? She’s on a mission to de-complicate Britain’s finances in 2012 – watch our video to see what Sue is advising all of us on what we should do to make our lives less complicated.

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