The secret of baby talk revealed

Thu.07.Dec.2006 - 16:30 GMT

There is nothing more frustrating for a parent than not being able to understand what your baby is trying to say to you. Before they can actually put their requests into words, there is often a great deal of guesswork as you try and work out whether they are tired, hungry or simply uncomfortable. But wouldn't you like to be able to know exactly what they are thinking during these tender years and what their gurgles, giggles and growls actually mean?

Well now every parent's dream has been answered: the secret to baby parent communication is here. After nearly a decade of research, experts have discovered that newborns use a universal set of 'words' to express basic needs such as hunger, wind or tiredness. With the new findings, parents will now be able to identify these words in their baby’s sounds and respond accordingly, leading to better parents the world over who are more secure in their relationships with their offspring.

The research was triggered by one woman's extraordinary talent and insight: Australian, Priscilla Dunstan. She had a gift for music from an early age but it was not until Priscilla gave birth to her son, Tomas, that the impact of this gift was truly understood. Her mother’s intuition led her to believe that a baby’s cries had to be something more than random sounds. Priscilla spent her time noting in a journal combinations of sounds, settling techniques and Tom’s reactions. Eventually Priscilla was able to recognise patterns, and from those she identified specific cries that had a distinct need attached to them.

Over time, Priscilla tested her theory with babies of friends and family and achieved the same results time and time again. This phenomenon supported her theory that all babies communicated in this way. After more years of independent studies, including those guided by Brown University’s leading global paediatric research centre, this one mother’s intuition has since developed into the discovery of a universal baby language - the Dunstan Baby Language.

It almost sounds too good to be true but independent research has shown that this system leads to happier babies who sleep longer and cry less; a parent’s dream! In its native Australia a staggering 100% of first-time mothers found the system valuable, with knock-on side effects for parents like increased confidence, unbroken sleep and better marital relation. Plus nearly half of the parents felt more bonded to their baby.

After taking the USA and Australia by storm, it's now hitting the UK. The Dunstan Baby Language system is taught by Priscilla Dunstan through five lessons on an informative DVD box set. Each lesson provides the tools to identify specific word and, therefore, needs and offers a range of suggested settling techniques.

Priscilla Dunstan joins us live online on Thursday 7th December at 4.30pm to discuss this ground breaking research