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Visit Jordan - Masterchef:The Professionals winner Keri Moss cooks up a delicious Jordanian dish

Fri.13.Jun.2014 BST

‘Masterchef: The Professionals’ Winner Keri Moss cook up a Jordanian Feast

Watch our video with Keri Moss, as she shows you how to create your own taste of Jordan with a delicious Arabian feast.

Jordan is famed for its rich and flavorsome food, with plenty to offer to get the taste buds going; from delicious Arabian meze and tasty dips like Baba Ghanoush and Foul Maddamis; to delectable street food and fried pastries; to the national dish of Lamb Mansaf, or the ancient and traditional cooking method of the Zarb. Jordan has something for everyone’s appetite!

The main of Lamb Mansaf, the national dish of Jordan, is a combination of natural yogurt, rice, lamb and almonds, served on a bed of markouk bread.

So if you can’t get to Jordan to experience the food on offer, Keri shows us step-by-step, how to make this delicious dishes, so you can bring a bit of Jordan to you.