Want an adventure?

Mon.18.Mar.2013 GMT

Dominic Gill has made a name for himself as “the man on the tandem bicycle.” He started with a journey from Alaska to Argentina which lasted two years and involved more than 290 random strangers who jumped on the back seat.

During this epic adventure, he discovered that while a bicycle is undeniably the best way to explore a land and its people, a tandem goes one step further, giving him the ability to invite locals to share the journey with him and in turn share their stories on the road.

Dominic is a huge Alberta fan and has enjoyed the adventures to be had in Canada's West many times. Dominic’s latest adventure will see him riding across Alberta on a tandem bicycle, inviting selected Albertans and UK competition winners along the way to pedal with him.

Do you want to join him on an adventure or do you want to get ideas for an adventure for yourself? If so, watch our video.

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