Watch the Human Calculator and learn how to make Maths fun

Fri.01.Mar.2013 GMT

Scott Flansburg has a talent that has earned him fame and fortune around the world. It’s a talent so unique that  American television star Regis Philbin even named him the "Human Calculator" because of his remarkable ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide (even do square and cube roots) all in his head with amazing speed and calculator accuracy.

The American mathematician holds the Guinness World Record for being the "Fastest Human Calculator" a record which means he can beat calculators to the answers of complex mathematical equations. As well as touring the world showing off his unique talent, he’s also used his love of maths to teach and entertain millions of children, demonstrating what many of us don’t believe is possible - maths can be fun! In this video he explains some of his great Maths tricks and explains how Maths can be fun.

Having just finished a tour of the UK, Scott is now encouraging British children and schools to enter the World Education Games, supported by UNICEF,  which entails World Literacy Day (5th March), World Maths Day (6th March) and World Science Day (7th March).

Watch this video to find out more....

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