You can't touch this

Tue.26.Nov.2013 GMT

It used to be a skill needed mainly by secretaries and those in a typing pool, but nowadays the majority of us spend hours a day on computers, tablets and smart phones for work or social purposes.

According to new research, almost 60% of us rate our typing skills as average or poor, with one in five admitting to using their two index fingers, almost a third having to look at the keyboard to make sure they’re hitting the right keys, and only 18% saying they can touch type.

That’s despite the fact that more than 60% of us think typing is a core life skill, while almost a third believe children should be offered extra typing skills tuition and a certain level of typing proficiency should be a necessary requirement on the national curriculum.

So just how important is keyboard style to our typing proficiency and how can we raise ourselves up from a nation of two finger typists?  Microsoft has launched a nationwide Great British Type Off Tour to challenge the nation on their typing skills. Before that though, watch our video with Liz Davis a tutor and typing expert from Pitman Training College, and Professor John Sutherland – Lecturer in English Literature, University College London and discover our top typing tips!

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