Andy Priaulx in the driving seat

Thu.20.Sep.2007 - 16:00 UTC

Motor racing is enjoying a real renaissance with Lewis Hamilton’s performance in F1 this season, but Great Britain already has a reigning motorsport World Champion, Andy Priaulx who will be racing at Brands Hatch on 23rd September. The World Touring Car Championships boast bumper to bumper racing, constant overtaking and high speed action, all in everyday cars.

Sunday 23rd of September sees real, recognisable car models from Seat, BMW, Alfa Romeo and Chevrolet screaming around Brands Hatch in the UK leg of the Championship. For a car to participate, at least 2,500 examples of the equivalent, base model road car must have been built in the previous 12 months. So it gives us the chance to see the potential of the car we might have sitting in our driveway, with slight modifications.

And there’s not one, not two but three British drivers currently placed in the top 10 of the drivers’ standings. Current World Champion, Brit Andy Priaulx is just one point behind the Brazilian Augusto Farfus Jr.

Joining us live in a rare opportunity is Andy Priaulx who will lead us through the ups and downs of the tour so far and how he plans to keep his FIA World Touring Car Champion title for a third year running. With behind the scenes footage from the pit and exclusive tales from the fast lane, you’d better hold on tight…

Andy Priaulx joins us live online on 20th September at 15.00 to tell us all about life in the fast lane.