England Supporters Band launch World Cup song

Mon.05.Jun.2006 - 19:00 UTC

<p>Disappointed that none of the World Cup releases have captured the imagination of the English public, legendary fan band, The England Supporters Band has thrown its hat onto the pitch with its own World Cup song - &#65533;ENG-er-LAND (Sing Along With Me).&#65533; The single is a cover version of the James classic &#65533;Sit Down&#65533; and has been rewritten by James&#65533; lead singer, Tim Booth to provide England fans with an anthem to give the team a boost during their 2006 campaign. The idea kicked off when football fanatic Chris &#65533;Junior&#65533; Rodgers suggested the England Band play the song at the recent friendly between England and Uruguay. Backed by the 15-strong band, the 40,000 strong crowd took the classic to their hearts and gave it their full support every time it was played by the band. Inspired by its success and the desire to create a song to give the team a real English boost during their 2006 campaign, Chris approached Tim Booth to rewrite the lyrics. Singer, songwriter and fanatical Arsenal fan, Don Sebastiano provides vocals for the track that is available for download at from Monday 5th June. Says Chris, &#65533;Our song is true to the game - the England Supporters Band and &#65533;the Don&#65533; are involved - so it&#65533;s by fans and for fans. We&#65533;re looking forward to playing it and giving the crowd something to sing!&#65533; The England Band joins us live online on Monday 5th June at 6pm to discuss England&#65533;s hopes and their new release. Join in and help get the fans anthem to No. 1!</p>