Bell & Spurling aim to inspire England's World Cup hopefuls to victory

Thu.16.Feb.2006 - 17:00 UTC

<p>England in the World Cup has brought us so many magical moments over the years &#65533; that final strike by Geoff Hurst in &#65533;66, Bryan Robson scoring against the French after just 27 seconds in 1982 to claim a World Cup record, Michael Owen&#65533;s wonder goal in 1998 or the David Beckham penalty that sealed the 1-0 win over Argentina in 2002. All of them will forever live on in the minds of England fans everywhere, but during the tournament it&#65533;s those most treasured of national possessions - the football anthems - that capture the hearts of the football faithful. Football songs, good and bad, get all of us behind our boys - from the modern classic by Baddiel and Skinner, with a little help from the Lightning Seeds, to poor John Barnes - who might have had dribbling skills, but was in serious need of a helping hand when it came to vocals! Bell and Spurling, the men behind Sven, Sven, Sven and Goldenballs, their glowing tributes to the Three Lion&#65533;s manager and captain, have penned a few chants to get fans in a frenzy and roar England all the way to lifting the World Cup! This year, we&#65533;ll also have some lovely ladies on hand to cheer our boys on to victory. The Bud Beerleaders will be performing dance routines to chants for England's top players. For your chance to experience an exclusive preview of the chants and cheerleading action, Bell &amp; Spurling and the Bud Beerleaders will be online at from Friday 17th February at 1600hrs. The &#65533;Bud Beerleaders&#65533; will support Budweiser&#65533;s &#65533;Passport to Germany&#65533; promotion, which gives consumers the opportunity to win World Cup tickets every 48 hours. The &#65533;Bud Beerleaders&#65533; will add a touch of excitement, entertainment and pizzazz in a way that only Budweiser can!</p>