Green with Envy

Wed.07.Jul.2004 - 14:00 UTC
Green with Envy
AIRED ON Wed.07.Jul.2004 - 14:00 UTC

As preparation for the 133rd Open Golf Championship was underway at Royal Troon in Scotland, with only a few weeks to go to the event, good organisation was the key to its success. Golfers and event organisers alike would have been asking themselves; What factors influence success and can turn an average but satisfactory result, into a superior, World Championship one?

The 2004 Open Championship promised to be a very big success, and in order to bring you even closer to the action, broadcaster and golf writer for the Times Phil Yates and Alison Young from Unisys Corporation, joined us live online to discuss how the new technology from Unisys has changed and challenged the way we have viewed golf in the past, the impact it�ll have on the future coverage of the game and to reveal the secrets of what really makes for a successful team on the green.